How long to take it for The unfolding of delay you'll need to take trimethoprim Trim 14 for depends on how baneful and where your implication is, your date, whether you're ox or pistillate, and whether you have any other health problems. Women with frank UTIs for the most part take a 3-day succession of entertainment. Men and prompt females with honest UTIs ordinarily take a 14-Time course of entertainment. People with particularly stern or interlace UTIs, or a catheter, commonly take a 14-day way of handling. A entertainment career for 4 to 6 weeks could be required if the UTI causes swelling of the prostate thymus in man (prostatitis). Treatment may go on for at least 6 months for stop UTIs or as a treatment for acne. It's very anxious that you continue contageous trimethoprim until your route is complete, even if you feeling ameliorate, to support stop the infection approach back.

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