Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and which gives it its color, this is a kind of Asian plant that is currently cultivated in various parts of the world. We use curcumin without realizing it, since it is used both in cooking and to season food, in addition to giving an exquisite touch to meals.
Curcumin healthy for the body
Curcumin has a multitude of health benefits, such as alleviating intestinal problems, lowering blood sugar, fighting gas, among other conditions.
It is necessary to know the health effects of curcumin and what its implications are for improving health in general, since this compound is related to important effects on the body, and its great taste can be part of a variety of dishes.
Antioxidant for the body
Scientific studies add that curcumin has antioxidant properties that help fight free radicals that cause cancer, as well as reduce some damage caused by it. The combination of the effects of this turmeric compound, with powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, explains why most people with joint-related ailments find almost instant relief when using it frequently.
Powerful anti-inflammatory
The health effects of curcumin, as we already mentioned, are many and varied. This compound in turmeric has more than two dozen different anti-inflammatory benefits that help remove aches, inflammation, and swelling from the body. However, the main component of curcumin is responsible for reducing the levels of two other enzymes in the body that cause inflammation.
Through research it was found that the medicinal plant works as a natural treatment for conditions such as sports injuries, arthritis problems, irritable bowel syndrome, tendonitis, Crohm's disease, among other ailments and autoimmune problems. Unlike ibuprofen and aspirin, curcumin relieves inflammation without damaging the kidneys or liver.
Prevents cancer
Turmeric turns out to be a great ally to block an enzyme that causes the development of tumours in the head and neck. In addition, the rhizome that this plant has has at least 10 anticancer components, among the most important: beta-carotene, curdione, curcumonoids, terpineol and limonene. So, adding turmeric to food can prevent the appearance of prostate, breast, skin and colon cancer, these serious health problems must be well understood, prevented, not cured or treated.
Combat the risk of diabetes
It is estimated that more than 25.8 million people in the United States have diabetes. But it has been shown over the years that curcumin's healthy effects can help fight the risk of developing diabetes. Patients with prediabetes who consume capsules containing this plant are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes.
Improves liver function
The curcumin has proven to be a great ally to improve liver function, because the liver is one of the most important internal organs of the body, and not function properly can have serious health consequences. Thanks to this natural plant it is possible to stimulate the elimination of toxins from the blood and convert the supplies into energy, it is also an excellent treatment for problems caused by severe liver damage and liver cirrhosis.
Rejuvenating effect
Studies add that thanks to the benefits of curcumin, life expectancy and health can be increased, which shows its potential for use in mammals. This rejuvenating effect has also been demonstrated on human skin, which is why many people have chosen to incorporate it into their recipes. Its astringent and antibiotic properties help to maintain healthy skin, as well as to ensure that it remains hydrated, thereby contributing to the fight against premature wrinkles.
Excellent antimicrobial
The oil made from this plant prohibits the formation of the bacterium Streptococcus mutans, which is responsible for the appearance of dental cavities. In addition to helping to combat the growth of fungi and toxins accumulated in the body, curcumin has the ability to also act as a powerful antiviral.
Helps with hypertension problems
Thanks to the health effects of curcumin, it is possible to prevent blood vessel damage that occurs when you have hypertension. Its effect comes from the ability to prevent or treat inflammation, in this way the cardiovascular system benefits and improves blood circulation, resulting in an improvement in blood pressure levels.
Curcumin for sciatica pain
Sciatica is a very common problem today, chiropractic help, yoga poses and other exercises are in fact of great help, however, research has also shown that by using some herbs you can naturally treat pain of sciatica.
Mixing it with a little pepper and adding warm milk with a little coconut oil is one of the best preparations to make this a great medicinal remedy. Black pepper contains piperine, which is an agent that increases the bioavailability of turmeric and supports the absorption of nutrients.
However, curcumin (the active agent in turmeric) is more powerful than just consuming turmeric in larger servings. Try to consume in capsules with the other active agent of pepper that is piperine, all this in order to enjoy all the benefits of this ancient spice.
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